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We stock and supply most parts for MGB, MGC See below a FEW of our MGB & C Specials
MGC BRAKE ADJUSTERS (PAIR)            105.50 ex VAT  New, handed left & right, price for pair. MG Motorsport Ltd  Wayside Hempstead Road Bovingdon Hertfordshire HP3 0HE  +44 (0)1442 832019 t mail@mgmotorsport.com MG MOTORSPORT MGC UPRATED TORSION BARS              618.00  ex VAT These bars are essential to improve the ride and handling of the MGC as they restore the front/rear balance which was lacking in the original design. The bars have been proven over the last 30 years that we have been manufacturing them. They work well with a pair of Spax adjustable dampers which are also available from stock.  P/N: TOR MGC VERNIER CAMSHAFT GEAR           190.00  ex VAT Essential to time an uprated camshaft properly. These are a quality product manufactured for us exclusively.   P/N: 12B1429V MGC HIGH RATIO RACK & PINION           395.00  ex VAT As an MGC owner you will know how slow the  standard steering is, giving rise to that understeer  feeling. This will disappear with the high ratio rack &  pinion as the steering becomes more direct, with  turn-in and control much improved. Available in RHD only, these are manufactured exclusively for us  by Quaife Engineering.    P/N: HRR MGC BALL JOINT SUSPENSION              976.00  ex VAT Another leap forward is our Ball Joint suspension kit which does away with the kingpins with the advantages of reducing the weighting-up of the steering during cornering and lightening the steering at parking speeds. Camber and caster are both an easy adjustment and the kit includes all parts and instructions.  P/N: MGCBALL MGC 5 SPEED GEARBOX KIT         	 3300.00  ex VAT Kit contains all parts to install without any alterations to the body, and includes a heavy duty reconditioned Ford T9 gearbox with a longer first gear, cast aluminium bellhousing, crossmember, propshaft, gearlever and all fixings. Indistinguishable from standard in the cockpit. P/N: MGC5UP STARTER MOTOR  MGB & MGC HIGH TORQUE                      from 195.00 ex VAT We stock these geared starter motors for the MGB and MGC as they give positive starting using all  new components, use less power and turn the engine quicker. They are also lighter and smaller making them easier to fit. MGB & MGC CROWN WHEEL & PINION  from 350.00 ex VAT LIMITED SLIP DIFFERENTIAL                   from 715.00 ex VAT Salisbury CWPs 3.07, 3.3, 3.7, 3.9:1 available Banjo CWP 3.9. 4.1, 4.3, 4.55 available Limited slip differential units, plate type or ATB. We also build these in-house into diffs ready to fit . MGB & C STEEL FLYWHEELS                  from 395.00 ex VAT  The MGC flywheel is suitable for all road MGCs and is designed to take the standard clutch and starter. The MGB flywheel is for Racing with an 8.5 clutch. MGB BANJO AXLE REPLACEMENT ENDS    480.00 ex VAT  New replacement banjo axle ends, left and right.  These can be used to convert a w/w axle into a s/w type, or repair worn bearing surfaces on s/w casings. They are made of EN24T steel and include the L & R thread nuts. If required we can weld these onto your casing in our dedicated jig. NB; THESE ARE ONLY SOLD IN PAIRS. MGB/C DIFFERENTIAL COVER    		 170.40 ex VAT  Cast Aluminium Differential Cover for Salisbury   Tube Axle on MGB or C. This is a direct replacement for the original pressed steel part (usually corroded) Includes gasket, bolts and plug. MGC ELECTRIC FAN KIT	                           298.00 ex VAT Twin Revotec fans mounted to rear of the radiator, modified by us to fit the standard radiator. Kit includes the thermostatic switch, to fit unobtrusively in the bottom hose, plus all parts to install.  P/N: MGCFAN MGC MASTER CYLINDER SPACER	 25.00 ex VAT  Lightweight spacer for MGC UK brake and clutch cylinders. These are useful for imported USA cars when changing to the more desirable European# type cylinders. REVERSE LOCKOUT MGB   45.00 ex VAT   Prevents inadvertant selection of reverse (not a good thing) when changing down from 3rd to 2nd,  Suitable for narrow tunnel MGB.
PHOTO TO FOLLOW MGB/C SCCR GEARSET                         2385.00 ex VAT Parts